Update your SAFARI Pet's Happy Tail Story

We LOVE to hear from our SAFARI Familes with stories and photos of their new four legged family members. If you would like to share a story about your pet, or update on us on how your beloved pet is doing, this is the place to do it. In our Happy Tails photo gallery, we will be adding all new pictures you submit, along with the photos taken of your pet prior to adoption. There is also a link there to view their Happy Tail Story. This story is one we'd love to be able to update as time goes on, showing milestones in your pets life, (when they completed obedience, when they learned a new trick, went on vacation, etc).  No story is too trivial, and we LOVE to hear the humourous stories of the things your pet has done, or likes to do.  Please feel free to update us often, we may have only been a part of your pet's life for a short time, but they have left their pawprints on the hearts of many people.  All of the fosters and volunteers who knew your pet while they were a SAFARI animal would love to know how they are doing.

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Name:* Sal. First MI Last Phone:* Type: Email:* Address:* City:* State: Zip:* When (or how long ago) did you adopt your animal from SAFARI?:* What is your Pet's Current Name?:* What was your Pet's Name when you adopted him/her?:* Please tell us any history about your SAFARI pet's circumstances that we made you aware of at the time of the adoption.* Please give a brief description of your SAFARI pet (age, breed(s), gender, size, etc.)* Please tell us a little about your home environment (single person, family with children, urban, suburban, rural, type of neighborhood, etc.) * Please tell us how your family and new pet have adapted to each other, and bring us up to date on your pets life (completed training courses, new experiences, new tricks learned, etc.) Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3: Photo 4: Photo 5: Feel free to upload up to five (5) picture of your SAFARI Pet. Please include a date, or approximate date for when each photo was taken. To send additional photos, you may select the menu option "Upload Happy Tails Photos". Protection Code:* Please, enter the text shown in the image into the field below. captcha code reload MM/DD/YY Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: date selector date selector date selector date selector date selector

SAFARI Wish List

Below is a list of items that SAFARI is in need of:

  • Dog Coats & Sweaters, primarily Large & Medium
  • Blankets, Towels, and Animal Beds
  • Collars and Choke Chains - All Sizes
  • Leashes
  • Metal Dog Dishes & Metal hanging kennel pails
  • Animal Crates and Travel Carriers - All Sizes
  • Dog and Puppy Toys
  • Rugs or Carpet Squares for crate bottoms
  • Animal Medications include Heartworm & Flea & Tick Products (Advantix II & Frontline Preferred)
  • Dog Treats & Rolled (not knotted) Rawhide Chews
  • Antlers
  • Animal Shampoo
  • Nail Clippers
  • Bath Wipes for Cats/Dogs
  • Pet Safe Cleaning Supplies
  • Papertowel
  • Volunteers to help coordinate and execute fundraising activites
  • Donated or low cost facility for sheltering animals until they have a foster
  • Foster Homes so we can rescue more dogs
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • PetCo, PetSmart, and Pet Supplies Plus Gift Cards
  • Staples and Office Max Gift Cards

If you'd like to donate anything from the wish list, please visit us at a scheduled adoption event, or contact us at (734) 666-0116 or send us an E-Mail

Moxies Mass Removal

Make a Financial Donation to SAFARI

How you can Help

Volunteers Needed To:

  • Transport animals to adoption events
  • Transport animals to vet appointments
  • Visit and walk dogs at kennels
  • Foster Dogs in their homes
  • Foster dogs after medical procedures
  • Attend and help at Adoption Events
  • Help with obedience training
  • Help design logos, brochures, etc.
  • Help with writing press releases, and website articles
  • Help with writing grant proposals
  • Help promote SAFARI throughout the Social Media Networks
  • Help with data management, keeping health records, etc.
  • Help design and coordinate fund raising activities.

Adoption Event Volunteer Activities

  • Walk & Socialize dogs
  • Feed and water dogs
  • Help with setup (setup crates, bring dogs in, etc.)
  • Assist potential Adopters
  • Fund Raise
  • Clean crates when needed
  • Be a SAFARI Ambassador - Greet customers at the door
  • Take Photos of the dogs

Professional Services

  • Veterinary Services (free and/or discounted) - for neuter/spay, vaccinations, or emergency animal care
  • Legal Services (free and/or discounted) to aid our efforts to save and protect animals
  • Groomers (free and/or discounted) - To help our animals look their very best
  • Trainers (free and/or discounted) - To better prepare our animals for adoption
  • Print Shops (free and/or discounted) - For brochures, business cards, holiday cards, etc.